Victim Rights Compliance Line

If you are a victim of crime in Maryland and need more information about your rights call our Compliance Line.

Compliance Line: 1-877-927-4632 (toll free)

Messages may be left 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is not a hotline. If you need emergency assistance dial 911.

When you contact us leave the following information:

  1. Your Name and Address
  2. A Telephone Number
  3. A Brief Description of Your Concerns

How the Compliance Line Works

The Victims' Rights Compliance Coordinator will return your call to discuss your concerns. The matter will then be evaluated by the Coordinator and a determination will be made regarding the need for further action.If a resolution cannot be reached, the Victims' Rights Compliance Coordinator will consult with the Executive Director of GOCCP (and legal counsel) to determine the appropriate remedy for the victims' rights violation.

Using Compliance Line

Scope and Limitations

  • The Victims' Rights Compliance Coordinator is not an attorney and cannot give legal advice.
  • The Victims' Rights Compliance Coordinator has no authority to interfere with a criminal investigation or to review decisions about how or whether to proceed with a case.
  • Although victims may choose to take other actions, please note that neither the Compliance Coordinator nor the Maryland State Board of Victim Services has the authority to change the outcome of court proceedings and other criminal justice decisions.
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