Security Integration

Security Integration is the strategy that compels all State agencies to examine what databases they possess which could assist state, regional or local government public safety efforts. GOCCP facilitates this goal by funding programs that help to purchase software and hardware systems and providing technical training to personnel to make it possible for law enforcement agencies to communicate with each other and across jurisdictional borders.

Keeping Maryland communities safe

Security Integration is a strategy which requires all State agencies to constantly examine what data/databases they have that could assist state, regional or local government public safety efforts.

  • State agencies must develop mechanisms to share their data amongst themselves and with local governments.
  • Based on issues identified through data sharing efforts, State, regional, and local resource deployment strategies are developed and implemented to support local government's crime fight.
  • Working toward seamless coordination and consistent information sharing among all levels of government, including cross-border information sharing of timely and accurate data to keep communities safe.

Security integration "means protecting our people and communities through seamless coordination and consistent information-sharing. It means that the criminal justice system must work as a system, not a collection of parallel lines -- and parallel cultures and parallel datasets and parallel intelligence systems -- that never meet."

Martin O'Malley

Security Integration Strategies in Action

  • Violent crime in Maryland decreased 17% since 2006 (Source: UCR data)
  • Regional Gun Trafficking Task Forces created cross-border and regional task forces
  • Maryland and DC sharing live arrest data for probationers and parolees
  • Creation of Maryland Community Services Locator
  • Elimination of DNA backlog - 24,000 down to 0
  • Launched Violence Prevention Initiative, placing approximately 2,000 of Maryland's most violent offenders under a higher level of supervision. This information is shared with law enforcement across the state
  • Increased gun prosecutions through enhanced coordination among local, state, and federal agencies
  • Real time data sharing- placed a DPP and DJS agent in the Watch Center (Baltimore)
  • StateStat - Performance-measurement and management tool making MD government more accountable and more efficient

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