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County Fact Sheet

Baltimore County fact sheet

Car Seat Inspections

Car seat inspections may be scheduled by calling your local Barrack. Please understand that there are a limited number of Troopers who are trained in car seat installation and there may be a delay in obtaining an appointment.

Help Resources

  • In an emergency Dial 911
  • Non-Emergency complaints
  • Terrorism Hotline
  • Metro Crime Stoppers
  • Gang Hotline
  • Crime Information Hotline
  • Gun Hotline

Ways To Be Notified of Sex Offenders

  • Maryland Sex Offender Alert Line

    This page provides a phone number to call to be alerted by phone in case of changes in locations of sex offenders in your area.

  • Vinelink

    Vinelink allows you to search for sex offenders nationwide, and it also allows you to sign up for notifications of changes in locations of sex offenders in your area. For telephone access, call 1-866-634-8463.

  • Alert Express

    Alert Express allows you to register to be notified of changes in locations of sex offenders in your area by phone or by e-mail.

Educate Your Children About School Safety

Baltimore County Police are reminding parents/guardians and children about back-to-school safety. Officers are routinely trained in child safety and missing children investigations. With the start of the new school year, they are sharing this information with parents.

Although the Police Department educates children in school on stranger danger, learning about community helpers, and several other child safety topics, parents can also help. The following tips are just a few suggestions:

  • Be aware of putting your child\'s name on anything that is readily visible. This might allow an abductor to get on a \"first name\" basis with your child and develop a sense of trust.
  • Walk the route to and from school with your children, pointing out safe places to go if they are being followed or need help.
  • Talk to your children about strangers approaching them and some of the ploys they might use. Stress to them that adults shouldn\'t need a child\'s help to find a puppy or get directions; they should ask another adult for that information.
  • Teach your children that it is okay to say NO - tell them to trust their instincts.
  • Remind your children to never give the impression they are home alone if strangers telephone or come to the door. Never open the door for a stranger, and teach them about dialing 911.

Wait For School Buses

Hard to believe but it\'s true, the beginning of school is upon us. The Baltimore County Police Department is reminding all drivers to stop when the lights on school buses are flashing.

Maryland law states that vehicles must come to a complete stop on both sides of the street if there is no physical divider or barrier. Drivers may not pass the bus until all lights have ceased flashing. Drivers who pass school buses while the lights are flashing will be fined $570 and issued a 3-point penalty on their record. Drivers who stop but then proceed while the lights are flashing will be fined $570 and a 2-point penalty will be charged.

Children are not always aware of their surroundings and assume that drivers will stop for them. Youngsters also dart into the road without looking first for traffic. Allow room for the frequent stops that happen during the morning pick up and the afternoon drop off.

Maryland\'s future is in its children so let\'s protect them.


  • CASA

    CASA volunteers are ordinary people who care about children. CASA volunteers come from all backgrounds. Many work full or part-time. Some volunteers are students or are retired. Most CASA volunteers work on one child\'s case at a time. No legal expertise is required. Volunteers must be at least 21 years old. CASA especially needs African-American and male volunteers. CASA Volunteers can expect to spend 10 to 12 hour per month on CASA related activities.

    If you want more information about becoming a CASA volunteer call the CASA office at (410) 828-0515 or e-mail us today @ for more information and an application.

  • Northwest Hospital

    Northwest Hospital relies on the energy, expertise and kindness of its dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers spend countless hours visiting our patients as well as working in the gift shop and in offices. Northwest Hospital has volunteers from high school/college students to senior adults.

    Why Volunteer?

    When you volunteer at Northwest Hospital you can design your own schedule, as well as receive perks such as educational programs and an annual awards luncheon. The best rewards, however, will come from the smiles and hugs of grateful patients, their families and the Northwest staff.

    Other benefits include:

    • 10% discount in the Café when on duty
    • Meal coupon of $4.00 when a volunteer works a minimum of four hours
    • Free flu shot
    • Free parking

    How do I become a volunteer?

    Community members who are interested in volunteering at Northwest Hospital, must complete the following steps:

    • Complete an application
    • Interview with the Volunteer Manager
    • Obtain a TB test
    • Attend OSHA training and volunteer orientation
    • Agree to a criminal background check

    Northwest Hospital requires adult volunteers to commit to a minimum of 100 hours. Volunteers are required to work one three-hour shift once a week; however multiple weekly shifts are available.

  • Volunteers in Police Support (VIPS

    The Volunteers in Police Support (VIPS) program was created in 1985 with three volunteers at the Crime Prevention Unit. This small core of conscientious and enthusiastic volunteers grew in both numbers and and in responsibilities; and in 1987, the volunteer service was recognized by the Governor as a full fledged state-wide volunteer organization. Today it numbers over 100 volunteers in over 90% of the Maryland State Police barracks and installations.

    At the close of 2003 there were one hundred and six (106) active Volunteers in the VIPS Program. Total Volunteer Hours worked in 2003 were twenty-seven thousand two hundred and forty two (27,242). The base salary of a starting Trooper is used as a standard in determining the cost savings to the MSP, provided by the VIPS Program. In 2003 the VIPS saved the MSP over $475,917.00. Volunteers perform numerous duties at various MSP locations. These duties include but are not limited to:

    1. Non-Criminal Fingerprinting
    2. Adult Explorer advisors
    3. Processing traffic citations and keeping statistics
    4. Data entry including
      1. Pawn records
      2. DWI./DUI records
      3. Seat Belt enforcement statistics
      4. Speed enforcement statistics
      5. Data from traffic stop documentation (Form 216)
      6. Other data entry as needs arise
    5. Crime prevention
    6. Photography
    7. Filing and various clerical tasks
    8. Assisting the Training Division by participating in scenarios with the Trooper candidate classes.
    9. Conducting tours of the Crime Lab, Barracks, MSP Museum and other installations.

    The following is a list of MSP locations where volunteers were working in 2003: All Barracks except JFK and Centerville, VIPS office staff, Crime Lab, Special Operations Division, Human Resources Division, Central Records Division, Museum, Training Division and MTA store. In the year 2003, while assisting in the training of the 120th academy class, several volunteers were arrested, searched for CDS and chased by Trooper Candidates. Volunteers also fingerprinted children at various times and locations throughout the year. Barrack open houses, the Governor\'s volunteer tent at the State Fair, were included in this function. At the 2003 State Fair volunteers fingerprinted over 600 children including Drew Ehrlich, the son of Governor Robert Ehrlich.

    The VIPS office has been given the responsibility of overseeing the student intern program for the MSP. All intern records are kept by the VIPS office.

    We are always looking for motivated volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for the Maryland State Police, please contact us. The VIPS office is located in room 17 of building F (Executive Building). Our phone number is 410-653-4278 and is equipped with voice mail which is checked regularly. The VIPS office can also be reached by fax at 410-653-4559.


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