CSAFE Updates

The CSAFE lead coordinator was awarded the annual RESPECT recognition for outstanding service to the minority community in the county and specifically Annapolis. Respect is a faith based social organization made up of several leading minority citizens in the community. The lead coordinator is working with the Center of Help, Inc (Centro De Ayuda) a Hispanic outreach assistance and referral organization in order to establish a collaborative effort with the police liaison and CSAFE with this organization. The lead coordinator participated and assisted with the Pen 4 Coalition Safety Awareness and Emergency Preparedness Day on and the Annual Bike Rodeo held on June 4, 2008. Also, the lead coordinator is working with the Mayor's Special Assistant in Minority Affairs, Tony Spencer, to coordinate another Sherwin Williams Painting Seminar to be offered to Annapolis Housing Authority residents.

In partnership with Annapolis Police Department and Anne Arundel County Police, the Center of Help has created a community outreach program to monitor activities in the CSAFE area. In this quarter, the Executive Director met with community members and leaders to discuss crime prevention and community safety. Further, the Executive Director met with Annapolis Police Latino Representative to increase community awareness for crime prevention and reporting.

The Executive Director has also met with Council Members and Community Associations to create awareness of the issues affecting Latinos in the Annapolis area. Our goal is to establish partnerships, networks with the local community, and communication channels in order to advocate for the Hispanic community needs. Fundamentally, the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator/Grant Administrator for the County as well as the Hispanic Liaison for the Annapolis Police Department attends daily meetings with Latino residents who have need to report or express issues related to their safety and their families. Community Outreach meetings between Latinos and other communities (e.g., other than Latinos) were held through conducting ongoing discussions with the AA County Public Schools, YMCA, and County Offices.

There were several successful events to report for the 1st Quarter. For starters the Parole CSAFE-VRI Team hosted several events that involved Youth Athletics. The Parole Teams built partnerships with the community, and from that partnership the summer camps turned out to be a success. The soccer camp, basketball camp, and the basketball team were excellent tools that were used to reduce juvenile crime during the summer months. These programs brought the underprivileged children of the Parole CSAFE-VRI area closer to the officers of the Annapolis Police Department, and the other members of the Parole CSAFE-VRI Team that participated in these events. Building relationships like these show a positive influence to the community, while bridging the gap between the police department and the community. By working with these youth the officers of the Annapolis Police Department saw another side of police work, and the children learned about discipline, teamwork, and how to communicate effectively.

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