Partners in Crime Prevention Newsletter Archive

Spring 2014

  • St. Mary’s County Launches First Hospital-Based Domestic Violence Program In Southern Maryland
  • Domestic Violence Memorial Service Held in Annapolis
  • Vine Protective Order (VPO) Trainings Available to Law Enforcement and Victim Advocates
  • Third Annual Governor’s Conference on Combating Human Trafficking in Maryland to Be Held May 19
  • Commission on Inclusion Completes Listening Tour
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Showcased at Safe Streets Sites
  • An “Easy Button” for GOCCP Grant Technical Assistance Trainings
  • New Technology Shuts Down Contraband Cell Phones at BCDC
Grants Awarded
  • Grants Awarded

Winter 2014

  • Public Safety Forum Held in November
  • Salisbury Safe Streets Initiative Expanding Innovative Program To Fight Crime
  • GOCCP Grant Funds Data Analyst for Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office
  • Howard County General Joins Maryland’s Hospital-Based Domestic Violence Program
  • VPI Evaluation Shows It Works
  • Maryland Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Moving Forward
  • Criminal Justice Dashboard Expansion Means More Data for Public Safety
Grants Awarded
  • Grants Awarded

Fall 2013

  • GOCCP Grants Target the Most Violent Offenders in Prince George’s County
  • Fighting Overdose Deaths in Maryland
  • Governor’s Roundtable on Domestic Violence
  • Unchained: Educating the Public about Sex Trafficking of Children in Maryland
  • Social Media and Law Enforcement Training Conferences Held in October
  • New Public Safety Laws
  • Uniform Crime Report for 2012 Shows Continued Crime Reduction
Grants Awarded
  • Grants Awarded

Summer 2013

  • 2nd Annual Governor's Conference on Combating Sex Trafficking in Maryland
  • GOCCP Grants Fund Warrant Initiatives in City of Baltimore and Prince George's County
  • Maryland Safe Street Sites Begin CPTED Initiatives
  • Cecil County Joins Safe Streets Initiative
  • Governor O'Malley Signs Historic Bills
  • Anne Arundel Sheriff's Office Using Unique Law To Close Outstanding Warrants
  • GOCCP Grantee Receives Department of Justice Award
  • GOCCP Executive Director Tammy M. Brown Is A "VIP"
Grants Awarded
  • Grants Awarded

Spring 2013

  • Crime Victim And Advocate Commemorative Day
  • Cumberland Safe Streets Completes Successful Warrant Reduction
  • Second Governor's Conference on Combating Human Sex Trafficking in Maryland to be held May 20
  • Lt. Governor Brown Hosts Public Safety Town Halls
  • Grant Subrecipient Training Sessions Held
  • 2013 Legislative Summary
  • Vincent Roper, Victims' Rights Activist, Has Died
  • GOCCP Launches New Community Crime Prevention Website
  • Maryland Gun Center Begins Operations
  • Maryland Program to Prevent Domestic Violence Being Taught Across the Country
Grants Awarded
  • Grants Awarded

Winter 2013

  • Maryland Launches Its Seventh Hospital-Based Domestic Violence Program
  • GOCCP Partnership Results In Opening of Supervised Visitation Center In Baltimore
  • State Victim Service Coordinator Anne Litecky Is Honored As A Champion For Crime Victims
  • Governor's Fall Criminal Justice Training Conference
  • Task Force Issues Report
  • Lethality Assessment Program Now In Use Across Maryland
  • GOCCP Receives Federal Grant For Post-Conviction DNA Testing
  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Information Sharing Underway
  • GOCCP Launches New Grants Management System
Grants Awarded
  • Grants Awarded

Fall 2012

  • Lt. Governor Brown Announces New Laws to Protect Domestic Violence Victims
  • Disproportionate Minority Contact Conference Held Oct. 3rd
  • Task Force to Study Access of Individuals with Mental Illness to Regulated Firearms Is Underway
  • New Public Safety Laws Now In Effect
  • Maryland Crime Rate Drops to Historic Lows
  • VINE Information is Now Printed on District Court Witness Documents
  • GOCCP Welcomes Executive Director Tammy M. Brown

Summer 2012

  • Maryland Expands Information Sharing Efforts
  • Governor's Conference on Combating Human Sex Trafficking in Maryland
  • GOCCP Grants Fund Successful Warrant Initiatives in Prince George's and Anne Arundel Counties
  • GOCCP's Executive Director Leaves for a Federal Position
  • GOCCP's New Training Website a Statewide Resource for Stakeholders
  • Maryland's Safe Streets Initiative Adds Five New Sites
  • 2012 Legislative Summary

Spring 2012

  • Lt. Governor Brown Announces Hospital-Based Domestic Violence Program in Hagerstown
  • Annual Memorial Service for Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Salisbury Safe Streets Grant Funds New Inmate Re-Entry Program
  • Governor's Conference on Combating Human Sex Trafficking in Maryland to be held May 21-22, 2012
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Latin American Delegation learns from GOCCP
  • GOCCP Funds Successful Warrant Initiative in Baltimore County
  • Annapolis Crime Hits Historic Low in 2011
  • RAPID Expands To Every County in Maryland
  • Timely Access to Arrest Information in Prince George's County
  • A New Chair for the Maryland State Board of Victim Services
  • Maryland is Selected for an NGA Policy Academy
Employment Opportunities
  • Eastern Region Program Monitor Position

Winter 2012

  • Criminal Justice Dashboard Wins Second National Award
  • Crime Victims' Rights Training Available to Law Enforcement
  • Putting a Spotlight on Domestic Violence Awareness
  • VPI in Baltimore County Wins International Chiefs of Police (IACP) Award
  • GOCCP's Maryland Statistical Analysis Center (MSAC) Begins Two New Studies
  • Child Neglect is Now a Crime in Maryland
  • Medical Marijuana Program Workgroup Sends Report to Legislature
  • Roberta Roper Steps Down as Chair of the Md. State Board of Victim Services

Fall 2011

  • Delaware Cross-Border Initiative
  • GOCCP Grant Funds Successful Warrant Initiative in Prince George's
  • GOCCP Wins Federal Grant for Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
  • Governor's Criminal Justice Training Conference
  • Silent Witness Exhibit in Annapolis Observes National Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • State Police Crime Lab Receives International Accreditation Award
  • A New Superintendent at Maryland State Police
  • Total Crime in Maryland is at its Lowest Level Since 1975
  • Maryland is one of 14 States to be in Compliance with SORNA
  • Criminal Justice Dashboard Wins Council of State Government Award
  • Cell Phone Interdiction Grant
  • GOCCP Leaders on NCJA
  • GOCCP has RSS

Summer 2011

  • Governor Discusses Prescription Drug Abuse Monitoring and Prevention
  • Advocates, Agencies Collaborate on Crime Victims' Blueprint
  • Breaking New Ground in work on Disproportionate Minority Contact
  • 22nd Annual Governor's Victim Assistance Awards and Memorial Services
  • Crime Rates Continue To Drop Across the State
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