Protecting Maryland's Children from Sexual Predators

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O'Malley-Brown Legislation 2010

  • Maryland's Sex Offender Advisory Board: Requiring relevant expertise and focusing priorities
  • Lifetime Supervision for Marylandís Most Violent Sex Offenders
    Bill   Fact Sheet
  • Sex Offender Registration and Notification (SORNA): Aligning Marylandís sex offender laws with federal notification and registration standards
    Bill   Fact Sheet   Maryland Sex Offender Registry Fact Sheet

O'Malley-Brown Administration: Protecting Marylandís Children Now

  • Signed Jessicaís Law to take violent sex offenders off our streets
  • Marylandís DNA Database has led to the arrest of 106 sex offenders
  • Specialized agents monitor supervised sex offenders under the strictest of conditions
    Sex Offender Management by the Maryland Division of Parole & Probation
  • Maryland agents use clinical polygraph examinations, computer monitoring, and GPS tracking to keep offenders accountable
  • Maryland has a no tolerance policy for violations of supervision
  • Maryland RAP Sheet now flags sex offenders so our first responders and prosecutors know immediately the precautions necessary to better protect the public
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