Grant Management System (GMS) Access Request

Please be advised, if you have submitted an online application prior to 1/1/2013, Organization Numbers are no longer applicable.

The following instructions are for entities that wish to apply for grant funds but have not previously submitted an online (web-based) application through the new GOCCP GMS and did not attend the February 2013 trainings.

New Organizations need to submit the required information (listed below) on letterhead, which must be signed by the Authorized Official (AO) (County Executive, Mayor, Commissioner, Town Administrator, Executive Director, President, or CEO) of the Parent Organization. Alternate authorized signatures are not permitted on this request.

The above noted letter must include:

  1. Full, legal name and address (including phone and fax numbers, e-mail and a website address if applicable) of the organization that funds will be granted to.
  2. Contact information for Authorized Official of Parent Organization (Name, title, address, phone, fax, and email). The authorized official is the person legally responsible for accepting grant funds for your organization (County Executive, Mayor, Commissioner, Town Administrator, Executive Director, President, or CEO).
  3. If the Implementing Agency differs, in name or location, from the Parent Organization, include all of the Implementing Agency information (official name, address, phone, fax. e-mail, and website if applicable).
  4. Contact information for the Project Director, Financial Officer, and Civil Rights Contact, of the applying organization, or Implementing if that is where they are physically assigned.
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Suffix (if applicable):
    Job Title:
    Employer (Organization Name):
    Employer Address:
    Physical Address (if different than Employer Address):
    Phone Number:
    Fax Number:
    Email Address:
    Any Organizations for which you are responsible for entering application or reporting data (if other than your employer):
  5. The Program Name or 4-digit acronym for the grant you are applying for (ex: Violence Against Women Act (VAWA))
  6. All new applicants must submit a copy of the letter originally received by the Parent Organization from the IRS assigning a Federal EIN number (IRS determination letter). If the Implementing Organization has a different Federal EIN number than that of the Parent Organization, then they too must submit a copy of the IRS determination letter assigning a Federal EIN number. If you cannot locate this letter you must contact the IRS for a copy.

The Applicant/Implementing Organizations will be entered into the GOCCP GMS. The Project Director, Financial Officer, and Civil Rights Contact will be added to the Contacts Table of the GOCCP GMS. Only the Project Director and Financial Officer will receive a login and password. You will receive an email acknowledging you are in the system, providing you with a login, temporary password, and how to change your password.

Again, Organization Numbers are no longer used in the GOCCP GMS. All access is through your login and password. In order to have your entity entered, and receive your login and password in a timely manner, initial submission of the required documents can be emailed, as a PDF attachment, to Either way the letter must be on letterhead and contain the original signature of the Authorized Official (AO).

Once these documents are accepted you will receive your information via e-mail. If there are any discrepancies you will be contacted via phone. This will allow for you to make any necessary corrections, or changes, before mailing the original hard copy of the letter and IRS document.

After receiving your access information, mail the original letter and IRS back-up documentation to:

Governor's Office of Crime Control & Prevention
ATTN: Control Desk
300 E. Joppa Road, Suite 1105
Towson, MD 21286-3016

Failure to follow the above instructions will prevent your organization from the ability to apply for grant funds.

Office of the Governor