Civil Rights Compliance Obligations

Any Maryland program or activity supported by Department of Justice funds is subject to compliance with federal civil rights discrimination laws. GOCCP civil rights compliance policies and procedures and a civil rights complaint form may be accessed via the links provided below:

Civil rights complaints may be reported to the GOCCP Civil Rights Complaint Coordinator by filling out the complaint form below. Complaints will be forwarded to the Department of Justice Office of Civil Rights, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Maryland Commission on Human Relations. Complaints may also be filed directly with the Department of Justice Office of Civil Rights.

Civil Rights Fact Sheet

Office of Civil Rights

Office for Civil Rights - Training for Grantees

For general inquiries contact the GOCCP Civil Rights Coordinator at:

Discrimination Complaint Form

Last Name
Date of birth
Home Address
Zip Code
Home Telephone

Name of Agency you believe discriminated against you (Respondent)
Agency Address
Zip Code

1. What is the basis of the alleged discrimination? (Check only those that apply to your complaint)

Age Marital Status Ancestry Genetic Information
Color Race Creed Religion
Disability Sex(gender) Mental or Physical Disability National Origin
Sexual Orientation Retaliation Gender Identity and Expression

2. What issues are associated with your complaint?

Recruitment Sexual Harassment
Failure to Hire Transfer
Performance Evaluation Promotion
Demotion Working Conditions
Discharge Other

3. When did the alleged discrimination occur?

4. Where did the alleged discrimination occur?

5. Describe what happened.

6. Were there any witnesses to the alleged discrimination?
Yes    No
If yes, Please provide witnesses names and contact number.
7. Have efforts been made to resolve this complaint?
Yes    No
If yes, what is the status?

8. What corrective action do you believe would address your complaint?

9. Have you filed a previous complaint of alleged discrimination?
Yes    No
If so, please describe the incident and when it occurred.
10. Who did you file this complaint with?
EEOC    MCHR    Other

*Please notify the EEO Office of any changes of address and telephone number during the period of the investigation.


I affirm that I have read the above charge and that it is true to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.

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