This website has been specifically designed to be accessible to Maryland citizens with disabilities. Striving for the highest accessibility standards, this website has been successfully validated using online software provided by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Watchfire validators. This website is entitled to display the below insignia.

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Accessibility Features of this Web Site

  1. Consistent navigation. Extremely important for accessibility, consistency is maintained with a horizontal navigation bar on each page. In addition, each tab on the navigation bar tab has a home page listing primary topics within the tab. The side menu provides subdivisions within each primary topic.
  2. Style Sheets. The "look" (formatting such as color, font-size, general layout) of the entire website is controlled by separate style sheets. As a result, users have the option to alter this website's appearance by substituting their own style sheet. For example, a person with a specific type of color blindness may substitute their own style sheet to alter this website's color scheme to accommodate their needs. Style sheets also reduce coding clutter which enhances ease of navigation when using screen reader software.
  3. Relative Font Sizes Using Percentages. Unlike fixed-sized fonts, percentage fonts automatically adjust relative to their context. For example, if a user chooses to view entire page at a magnified level, each font percentage will adjust proportionately.
  4. Built-in Font Adjust Feature. Each content page contains a link in the upper left corner which says "Enlarge Text". This provides a quick way to enlarge text by approximately 20% without the use of style sheets.
  5. Alt Tags. Graphics have a text description (called Alt Tag) accessible to assistive software.
  6. Contrast. Colors used provide sufficient contrast and were chosen with the needs of those with varying degrees of color blindness. In addition, perceptions of color change as we age. Avoiding problem color combinations is important.
  7. Highest industry coding standards. All coding of website meets the highest specifications of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XHTML standards and the Bobby ADA compliance standards.
  8. Site Map. A site map is provided for alternative navigation through the website.
  9. Printer Friendly Feature. A "Print this Page" link appears on the upper right of each content area. This link leads to a printer friendly version of the page in which all navigation menus, banners and navigation bars are removed. This version also provides a clutter-free page for screen reading software.

Using the Accessibility Features

Need to enlarge the text to make it easier to read?

  • Each of the primary tabbed pages has a link in the upper left corner of the text area (not the menu area) called "Enlarge Text". This will enlarge the text approximately 20%.
  • Use the enlarge feature of your browser. For example, in Internet Explorer click the VIEW menu and then choose the TEXT SIZE option from the dropdown. Then select the amount of enlargement you desire.
  • The appearance of this website is controlled by a style sheet. You may substitute your own style sheet to adjust the view of this website for your own special viewing needs.
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